Kite surfing courses

Beginners kitesurfing course

Our kitesurfing courses aim is to make you an independent kitesurfer in the most effective and safe way. Since all students need different amounts of time to complete various exercises, we approach everyone individually, deal more with weaknesses and turn more attention towards safety throughout the whole training.

The courses are formed according to IKO standards and in the end all participants will receive and IKO kiteboarder card, which proves the level every student has reached. From our experience we can say that on average it takes 3 hours to pass one level. The course includes an instructor and the whole equipment.



Personal lesson: 50€ per hour

With a friend: 70€ per hour

Group course: 30€ per hour for one person (a group starts from three people)


Level 1
  • Theory
  • Assessing the wind direction (safe and unsafe winds)
  • Choosing the safest location to practice – wind window theory (neutral zone, power zone)
  • Setting up and flying a training kite on the beach
  • Setting up a water kite
  • Safety system practice, controlling the power of the kite
  • Flying the water kite
  • Practicing self rescue
Level 2
  • Body drag in different directions (downwind, direction, upwind), practice with the instructor and alone
  • Body drag upwind with a board
  • Using body drag techniques to reach your board
  • Water start theory and practice on the beach
  • Water start practice in the water with the instructor and alone
  • Standing up on the board and gaining balance
Level 3
  • Riding away from the shore and back, correct posture and position of the board
  • Acceleration and stopping
  • Riding upwind
  • Changing directions
  • Jumping theory
  • Practicing jumping and landing

Personal lesson: 40€ per hour

Includes private instruction, continuous supervision, attention turned towards mistakes, motivating and empowering.

Supervision of the rider: 20€ per hour

Includes supervision and helping of the rider, pointing out the mistakes, giving guidance, empowering and motivating.

Advanced courses: 45€ per hour

Includes private guidance, videos, learning specific tricks under the supervision of the instructor, pointing out the mistakes, giving feedback, motivating and empowering.

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