SUP Courses

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding

Stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP or in the language of Hawaii hoe he’e nalu, is a rapidly growing sport worldwide with the roots from Hawaii. SUP began from surfing, when instructors stood up on their boards to get a better view.

Laird Hailton and Dave Kalama were the first to introduce this old sport to the modern watersport world. Rick Thomas was the first “modern” surfer who, in 2000, brought the sport from Hawaii to the continental US. The sport was quickly accepted there as it offers a chance to stay on the wave longer and the overview is much better.

As stand up paddle boarding is easy to learn, it is an effective training for athletes and a pleasant activity for millions of people around the world.


Personal lesson 40€ per hour (lasts for one hour)

With a friend: together 60€ per hour

Group lesson: 25€ per hour for one person (a group starts form three people)


Training plan:

  • safety
  • equipment introduction
  • correct handling of the board
  • the ABC of paddling
  • riding on knees
  • standing up on the board
  • balance and correct positions
  • paddling whilst standing up
  • control of the direction
  • balancing with the help of the paddle
  • paddling whilst standing at the back of the board
  • turning


SUP Safari from Asko Elken on Vimeo.