Windsurf courses

Personal course: 45€ per hour

With a friend: together 60€ per hour

Group course: 25€ per hour for one person (a group starts from three people)

This windsurf course is for you, if you haven’t ever tried surfing before but are eager enough to find out. The aim of the beginner course is to get to know the sport. We promise that it will take less time than an 8-hour workday.

The course consists of 1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practice on the water under the supervision of the instructor.

Theory includes:

  • equipment- what is a sailboard and a rig – what are they made of and what is the aim
  • personal equipment, suitable clothing
  • setting up the board and the rig
  • carrying the equipment, safe positioning on the beach and in the water
  • choosing the location, assessing the wind (direction, speed)
  • safety
  • self rescue
  • rules of riding

Practice includes:

  • raising the sail out of the water
  • gaining balance
  • start and correct positioning on the board
  • assessing the wind and using it correctly
  • moving to the wished direction
  • turning the board up- and downwind
  • self rescue

The price includes using the beginners equipment and suitable clothing. It is necessary to take with you clothes suitable for swimming (swimsuit, bikinis or swimmers) , a towel and a sweatshirt or a jumper.

We’ll see on the water!


RRD Freestyle Wave V4 from RRD International on Vimeo.