SUPfit treening


Come and enjoy the sea, sun and wind.

The newest group training is SUPfit on the SUP board. Throughout the lesson we will practice yoga and fitness exercises on a board on the water, which makes the workout harder as the surface is unstable. The training is completed by steady exercises, balanced breathing and smooth change of positions.

The lesson develops balance, movement and engages all body muscles. Exercises that need balance, activate our leg and body muscles. The lesson is suitable for anyone seeking for new challenges or a change. An advantage is previous experience in bodybalance or yoga. For clothing we would recommend swimming clothes with yoga pants (short or ¾ length). All participants must know how to swim.

Trainings will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:00-20:00.

More specific timetable will be found from the calendar

Come and enjoy SUPfit lessons on the water with pleasant companions.

Price: 10€ per person

Price includes equipment, a wetsuit and a life jacket.

Trainers: Enely Jääger, Hannah Segerkrantz